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as the market falls for the second straight day. worst two-day decline this year. wal-mart shares are up on earnings. but question remains, is this a company with enduring problems? we have a unique perspective from a secret shopper. a woman who visits the stores then reports back to wall street on what she is seeing. then, what does the great american ceo make these days? and even the not-so-great ceo. the numbers are coming up. we have all of the data. simon is here at the nyse. hi, simon. >> the index of fear, as some people call it, spiking higher. we are below 15, basically all year. now, it is not back at the super fear levels we had of 40 or 60 something years ago. but it may be a very important indicator that the market is beginning to turn. bob pisani kicks off our coverage on "power lunch." bob? >> the important thing is, no energy at all. open to the down side, put up the s&p 500. recently, every time we drop, we see the bounce. not far from lows for the day. how about sectors, commodities once again leaving major sectors on the down side. this is a little change from the earl
relations board communions they cannot protest in front of wal-mart for two months. they are saying that the unions picketed illegally in frontf the big retailer and after wisconsin and michigan becoming right to work states. so is labor losing its punch? dd, what do you think? >> i do think the unions are dying and they are on their way out. indiana, my homes it is a right to work. and it's working. unions are job killers. losing companies left and i right to other companies and we just need to realize the unions are dead and they need to realize that read what they are is political pacs. liz: adam, what do you think? >> there's no question that humans are dying. the question is when they're going to die and how data will look. this is a procedural loss for the unions and they will never give up trying to organize wal-mart. it's the biggest, cushy as target there is for a labor organizer. this is a setback for them and nothing more. liz: to her point, essentially what she's saying is that unions need to be more honest. this labor union that has been picketing, their pension is way
for america's economic performance? dull, slow, weak? good morning, everyone, wal-mart sold less stuff. that's a measure of the overall economy. wal-mart took in less money. wal-mart sales were down. wal-mart tells the economy's story. what's going on here? well, start with gas prices, up again today, by the way. up nearly 50 cents this year, you can't spend at wal-mart when your gas costs so much more, so suddenly. and then there's taxes up for everyone as of january the 1st. you spend less when your paycheck shrinks, throw in rising unemployment and a president who wants another round of tax hikes and you've got a weak economy. telling me, really? is it all the republicans fault? "varney & company" is about to begin. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having iplets. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new ansmission. [ coyote how ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from
thousands of dollars of stuff from a wal-mart store. how a cashier may have helped him. >>> and we're waiting for the first big snowfall of the year. this winter has buried the state's snow budgets. >>> aaa says gas prices are rising at a blistering pace, we'll give you the forecast at the pump. >>> let's start off with this evil four letter word, snow. >> chief meteorologist wyatt everhart is live in the abc 2 news most accurate storm center. i'm rooting for it. what can you tell us. >> basically we are looking at an overnight changing situation. i don't think we're going to see much. temperatures until the mid-50s and that supports basically more of a mixed situation and if anything, when we see the change over to snow overnight, it's not going to have much success being able to stick accept for again, this elevated car tops, blades of grass, those things all drop to freezing. here's the line of showers in western maryland, looking for that to bring a light mix overnight into daybreak. now this evening as the line approaches, we're in the low 50s. hagerstown, we're 7 degrees belo
the grocery conglomerate. wal-mart leads the pack along with kroger and target, but ballmer is by far the largest. one out of every three grocery dollars goes to wal-mart. wal-mart has more wealth. a lot of clout and collar. it canisius political and economic power to basically dictates who in farm policy. they speak with one voice and they decide what the pesticide regulation should be, every aspect of our food system partnered with the biotech industry, which is also become so powerful that it can basically buy public policy. food and water which we which we did a report on biotech industry. turns out there's 100 biotech companies lobbying full-time. and that does, dave hyatt 13 former members of congress and 300 former staffers of the white house and congress. the biotechnology industry has a lot of clout. wal-mart and monsanto are really partnering up in some ways. one of the ways was recently with genetically engineered sweet corn. you remember this from last summer. i know a lot about their consumer group were trying to get wal-mart because they say they want to be sustainable t
what happened on friday. wal-mart came out with earnings this week. a vice president of wal-mart came out with this memo saying that february is a disaster. he says it is the worst start to a month he has seen in his seven years at wal-mart. kind of sent a little pale shadow over the markets leading into tuesday. is that going to affect the coming earnings season? >> absolutely a wake-up call. i believe there was truth behind this, okay. what is wal-mart? they rent their homes. they don't own a lot of stock. wal-mart moms are a great indication what is happening with the economy. making $40,000 a year. living paycheck to paycheck. you have less money than the end of the 2012. it is a concern. it has to put some doubt in your head. david: less money because taxes have gone up. >> pulls into the question what is going on with the market. it has risen so far. is it justified. liz: square that with the value oriented reit, dan horowitz was with us 19 minutes ago, he said, a lot of ainge tore stores are wal-marts, he said that people are flooding in there today. they have done rather well.
that fresh and easy might sell to wal-mart. and i just would love to get a comment from staff if that were indeed the case for the fresh and easy locations we have in san francisco, how easy or what are the requirements if someone wanted to change this formula retail from fresh and easy to wal-mart. one of the stories in the paper indicated that for the bayview location because it didn't have the regular formula retail controls that they wouldn't have to -- they could [speaker not understood] and i wasn't clear on that. so, that would be great. >> i need to double-check the zoning for the bayview location. but under the current code, if wal-mart buys all of the fresh and easy locations and brands them, then the code would not consider that a change that would need a new conditional use authorization. however, if they were just to buy one of the stores, then they would need to come in for a new conditional use authorization to change from the fresh and easy to the wal-mart. so, that's under the current planning code requirements for formula retail. >> commissioner moore. >> director, thank
opportunities. >> tom: you brought two along with you tonight beginning with the world's largest retailer, wal-mart, wmt the ticker symbol. trading a little on the higher end of the range we've seen on the past 12 month, over 71 and change, yielding two%. what do you expect out of wal-mart this year in terms of its stock price? >> we expect to see a stock that phrase, let's say, the low 70s into theid or upper 80s whe a decent dividend yield with a total return of maybe 20%. a lot of this comes from want fact that it's way global retailer that's doing better overseas. the size of this company is impressive, and that gives it a tremendous amount of clout when it goes into the market. it's a ladder in every category. we think it's got a great balance sheet, consistent earnings and trades at a reasonable price. >> tom: its biggest competitor you can't walk into-- its fastest growing competitor, amazon, do you think th will take volume away? >> it'nteresting youention hat. if yo lo at amazon, amazon has tremendous distribution here in the united states and may be struggling somewhat in terms of replica
it remains a level consistent. wal-mart just released their quarterly earnings, earning better than expected but revenue was light. wal-mart important, because over 70 percent of the u.s. economy is consumer spending and wal-mart accounts for 10 percent of that for the november to january. wal- mart earned $5.6 billion. the new york times announcing that they are putting the boston globe newspaper up for sale. >> if you plan on " we tea tweeting " all-day url, y your tweets just got a little shorter. from now on, any tweet that is sent with a url will be reduced to 118 characters, or 11748 tt ps leaks. the reduction is due to a change in twister's " t-c o lead rapper ". the condensed links now take up a bit more space, leaving you with a little less basic tact commentary. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news, we are just moments away from vice- president joe biden talking gun-control and then barry, connecticut just a few miles away from the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> the opening bell up on wall street. the dow keeps getting closer to their all- time high of 14,162. it looks li
you both so much, leslie and chris. >> thanks. >> megyn: well, a developing story regarding wal-mart. executives at the nation's largest retailer, apparently describing recent sales as the worst in years in a total disaster. what does it mean for our overall economy, they're saying that they believe, these economists, it's president obama's tax hikes that led to this. we'll have a fair and balanced debate and olympian oscar pistorius defending himself on charges he killed his girlfriend. why it could hurt his case. and why the investigation is raising questions about his girlfriend's past relationships with men. dr. keith ablow is next. >> and everybody is upset understandably, but at a certain point we were smiling while remembering reeva because we only have good memories of her. ♪ [ male announcer ] were you more interesting in your twenties, or now? when you were starting out? or after a few decades working in some well-worn character? experience makes you wiser for the wear. and now come the richer possibilities. [ children laughing ] aarp. an ally for real possibilities. find
from wal-mart pound its bottom line and customers. with consumers are pulling back should more businesses duck for cover? we have a "money" power panel of business executives to give the real story. plus, now just seven days until the sequester. the economy already lies in its cross-hairs. is your 401(k) even more at risk? why you may want to check your portfolio. >>> and we'll drink about anything to score a caffeine kick but you would rub jell on your skin to get a bigger energy high? a breakthrough hopes to revolutionize a multibillion-dollar industry. shark tank's damon jobs is one of the guys behind it and he is here in a fox business exclusive. even when they say it's not it is always about money. adam: melissa francis is on vacation. i'm adam shapiro. we'll start tonight with a warning from bellwether wal-mart t says they're facing a sluggish start to the year because higher payroll taxes and higher gas prices are weighing on sales. here's what one wal-mart executive said in an e-mail to his colleagues. in case you haven't seen a sales report these days, february, month
, this afternoon, a news report about wal-mart hit the broad market and wal-mart shares as well. an executive at the world's largest retail called february sales, quote, "a total disaster," end quote, according to bloomberg. the report said an internal email blamed the slow start to february sales on the increase in the payroll tax that took effect at the first of the year. that had the effect of cutting worker's take home pay by 2%. wal-mart shares fell 2.2%. volume tripled. wal-mart does not publicly report monthly sales figures but e executive's email contends it's the worst start to a month in at least seven years. but worries over wal-mart's sales hit other retail stocks. sears holdings dropped 2.3%. target fell 1.6%. discounter dollar general was down 1.5%. a few other consumer-oriented companies were in focus. the firm behind well known fashion brands like lee jeans, vans shoes and north face jackets had improving profit margins and earnings last quarter. v.f. corporation's outlook, though, was less than expected. but that didn't spook investors today. shares were up 3.3%. four of e fi
limits on what will happen and what wal-mart is doing. >>> let's look at the radar. >>> and 695 at old court road. what traffic looks like that's coming up. why let constipation slow you down? try miralax. mirlax works differently than other laxatives. it draws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to feel great. miralax. trying to find a better job can likbe frustrating.gs, so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. >>> a consumer alert. and some medication is being recalled because the cap did not work properly. and triamedic. they were recalled by the manufacturer. now the cap could still be removed by a child even with the tam per resistant seal in place. the last batch were distributeed a month ago. check that out. >>> and if guns flying off
, blackberry and wal-mart. when we come back, analyzing the analysts. were the right kals made? and we're not talking about that holding noncall. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief. i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.
of course. number three wal-mart earnings before the bell. you may remember the company suffered some steep losses after leaked internal memo said february had the worst sales start to any month in seven years. analysts are expecting the company to post earnings per share of a buck 57 and revenue of $128.7 billion. sandra: number two thing to watch january existing home sales. economists expect a drop of .8 of a percent. that would mark a second straight months of decline. two pieces of housing data already out showed declines in housing starts and confidence. david: the number one thing to watch again beside the market itself will be initial jobless claims. claims are expected to rise by 14,000 to 355,000. last week claims surprisingly dropped by 27,000. when you think of what happened today with the market and the reaction of the fed remember the s&p futures suggest, their closing suggesting tomorrow will be another down day. it is a day too watch. keep it right here. liz: absolutely. thank you so much for joining us. next is "money" with adam shapiro in for melissa. >> i'm adam shapiro i
this soup. >> wal-mart to dollar stores. how much can you squeeze the american medal class? it's friday, february 22nd, and this is "now." joining me today former dnc communications director and msnbc political analyst karen finney, sam stein is the political editor and white house correspondent for the huffington post and someone who is very, very close to having 2,000 twitter followers, financial columnist and assistant editor julian tett is here and the boy wonder of buzz feed, editor in chief. i mean, we had to -- we're never going to not -- >> boy wonder. >> you know what, boy is a relative term. democrats and republicans are gridlocked over the automatic spending cuts set to take effect seven days from now. the fundamental issue? taxes and spending. yesterday president obama called minority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker john boehner. speaking later on the reverend al sharpton's radio show, the president did not sound optimistic. >> their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations, and they would prefer to see the
. when it comes to the economy, does wal-mart know something the rest of us don't? the link between sales and your wallet. wiand a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> the world's largest retailer is sharing sales projections for the coming weeks and wal-mart expects sales in their american stores to be right where they were one year ago. a lot of people are wondering what's going on with the customers. wal-mart is considered an economic bell weather. what it say about the economy? >> wal-mart is the world's biggest retailer. we look at wal-mart and the earnings reports. the most receipt one. some of the comments show that the discount shopper did pull back and was cautious from the beginning of this year. note so surprising, it makes sense because higher gas prices for one. gas prices
already struggling economy. in recent days woe've seen that wal-mart is stocking more shelves for less expensive products, to adjust for consumers purchasing power and we've jumped gas prices, nearly 50 cents, 50 cents in the past month alone. in addition to the tax cut that expired on january 1st, taking a 2% chunk out the average paycheck, now, a new survey suggesting seven out of ten americans are cutting back on spending as a direct result of those factors, and much more. and the managing partner of c carguile investments, seven out of ten are cutting back on spending and yet, we see the government continuing to spend. what does it say about our government and about the average american consumer? >> well, the consumer is doing the right thing, you know, we're cutting back. we knew that this-- which is actually a tax rebate and having a payroll tax holiday and we knew it would expire and perhaps an extra year a lot of us weren't expecting. for the individual we buy more corn flakes and less prime rib so we adjust. you know, it's troubling to see the government based with exactly the
-serve kiosks come to wal-mart and sam's club stores. can free health screenings prove a game-changer for providing care? the founder and ceo of the company behind them joins us. >>> ditch that fancy trip to the caribbean and come get baked in colorado. call jeff sipc oli. it gets green light from colorado regulators. businesses plan to lure tourists and turn colorado into the next amsterdam. will be a hit or the next buzz kill. even when they say it is not it is always about money adam: good evening to you. just eight days and a few hours until the latest government improsed fiscal disaster. eight days until cuts that both sides say they will completely crater the economy take place. and just eight days until budget cuts could tank wall street and the stock market rally which up until today had the s&p, and the dow up 6%. let's get right to our money power panel to itemize some of the specific ways we're all going to feel the pain if lawmakers fail to find a solution. former congressman steve bartlet is a member of the campaign to fix the debt fiscal learship council and stra
without fanfare. that means a loss of roughly $15 a week for a family earning $40,000 a year. wal-mart felt the impact immediately. its sales have stalled since january, and the company has had its worst month in seven years. one internal e-mail from a wall mart senior vice president read, "where are all the customers? and where's their money? where is their money? wul mart's example shows us clearly how little there was to begin with. george packard writes in "the new yorker, "america's vast population of working poor can only get so poor before even wal-mart is out of reach." sam, this is something i feel fairly strongly about, which is the story of income equality -- inequality in this country and how little attention has been paid to it in the debate over taxes and spending. i mean, think, you could say republicans would look and say, see, we should have extended the payroll tax cut. what we should have done is perhaps paid more attention to the situation that the poor and working class in america are in at present, which is to say $15 is a difference between being able to buy some
. you know, larry hits on a key point. is that let's take jonas' wal-mart example. let's say they had to pay this. what's wal-mart going to do? >> raise price toss absorb that cost. they know that k-mart and target across the street will get hit wih the minimum wage and they're going to raise it, they know they're not at a disadvantage, where does that cost go to? it goes to the consumer so everyone pays for the minimum wage and by the way, studies have shown barely affects those in poverty and only in fact the average household with a personf minimum wage earns $48,000. >> caroline, let's get to that point. that this really affects more than just the workers, it has an impact on consumers? >> well, sure, it is an impact on consumers and i would challenge the notion that it won't benefit businesses to the point where they will need to raise prices. the fact is that businesses will benefit if ne treat their employees better, study after study indicated there's not an academic theory that you have less time off of work, you have lower recruitment and training costs which means that your
. this is not a temporary blip. we just saw the warning from wal-mart. we've seen concerns from burger king, from kraft. everyone's trying to adjust to this smaller consumer spending. why? because the consumer's worried about three things that have not changed one iota under this current administration, and do they have money in their pocket, do they have a job and is the value of of their house going up or down. money in their pocket. disposable income has flat lined since 2008. unemployment, when you talk about the u-6 number, the number that includes people that have given up has doubled since 2008 and the value of their home hasn't budged one iota since the year 2000. so, there's a lot of people underwater that bought at the height of that market. it's not good out there. i think it's getting worse. >> well, toby, actually, they might be feeling richer because wall street has certainly been on a tear and housing is starting to lay had a foundation, isn it? >> a pertinent pun. yes, we're up 12% year over year and i believe that gary was playing tennis when that came out. the other issue, there is no
harmon since tuesday. >>> if you go to wal-mart tomorrow to buy ammunition be prepared. the largest retailer is limiting how much you can buy. wal-mart has set limits to three boxes a day. other retailers have similar restrictions since sandy hook guns and ammo have been flying off shelves. a 50% tax on ammo has been introduced. legislation has been introduced to limit ammo you can buy. >>> you heard her story. tonight the name of a woman and our exclusive interview. >>> maryland's most powerful radar tracking snow to the west. how this could impact your commute, ahead. >>> this purple pride. the wager our top cop is making on the game when we come back in 60 seconds. . >>> the owners of a clinic forced to close are keeping quiet but the family is talking. tonight they're opening to us in an exclusive interview. >> you'lla witherspoon was a private person. after we found them by digging through state records, the family decided the time was right to tell her story. when you dine out an inspection lets you know the restaurant is safe. same with your car, the daycare. the state looks
conglomerate, walmart leads the pack along with kroger, wal-mart is by far the largest, one of every three grocery dollars goes to walmart. they have more wealth than the bottom 3% of all americans. if we wonder why they have a lot of clout and political power. these really big multinationals, political and economic power to basically dictate food and farm policy. they speak with one voice and decide what the pesticide regulation should be. what nutrition labeling is. every aspect of our food system and they partner with the biotech industry which has become so powerful that it can basically by public policy. and food water what we did a report on the biotech industry, turns out there are 100 biotech companies lobbying full-time and of those they have hired 13 former members of congress and 300 former staffers of the white house and congress so the biotechnology industry has a lot of clout. walmart, really partnering up in some way. one of the ways was recently with genetically engineered sweet corn. you may remember this from last summer. food and water watch and a lot of other consumer g
. >> kelly: a new warning from a big box retailer, wal-mart sales slipping. what it means for your wallet. >> heather: and new threat to national security. they detail the dangers of hacking. what is behind it and what is being done to try to stop them. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. fedex. [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. chances are, you're not made of money, so
, that is up to at this point, over, a market value of over $11 billion. when you look at wal-mart, he is uping his stake in wal-mart considerably, liz. that is the latest from this 1-f. liz: let me make a point about davita. davita health care is a company that works very hard to work in kid any dialysis. i don't know for sure, david, but i think some of these trades, maybe directv and davita, are the team of ted and todd. the two top investment guys that warren buffett and charlie monger brought in a couple years ago to start working on the portfolio. david: just to be specific, on davita, the market value of the holdings that he had up until today was 1 billion 669 million. so a big up tick there. in wal-mart they owned 3 billion $307 worth of wal-mart and may be uping that stake as well. liz: these are trickling in. adam will have more of them as soon as they hit the tape. over 4,000 people em, nightmare, still stuck on board the crippled carnival cruise ship the triumph. the bad news continues. arrival in alabama delayed because the towing line was snapped. we'll head to the port as the ve
's club with wal-mart. wal-mart has more upside potential. > > i like costco. i have a rule: if i can't buy it online, i have to actually go to the retail store, then i like the company. home depot is an example of that. costco, everything that i buy there, i can't buy online for a cheaper price. i can buy anything at wal-mart on amazon prime for a cheaper price. i am looking to get long costco on a pullback. i don't like to buy up here, but 97.5 is a 50-day moving average. > > a january 65 call is deep in the money. it is going to act like a stock. i think it is a way to play it for the longterm with low, low volatility. > which segues to round 3: it's an option. option trading volume in january was extremely high. is that bullish or bearish for stocks? > > i don't think it really matters either way. we see some of the volumes going up in particular sectors and the volumes going down in other sectors. the euro dollar has been a little bit lower, but the vix volume has been a lot higher. i don't think it really gives a sentiment, bullish or bearish- > > was it you girls buying insura
. the materials, technology and financial sectors all fell by 0.9%. one of the bright spots, though, was wal-mart. last week, an internal memo was released regarding a disappointingly slow start to february sales. today, wal-mart released earnings over the holiday season. the retailer earned $1.67 a share. up from last year, and a dime better than estimates. the gains came despite sales at u.s. stores open for at least a year coming in flat. shares gained 1.5% on heavier than usual volume. on a conference call executives said the store has cashed fewer tax refund checks than it did last year at this time, but it has been picking up in t past week. the company al increas its shaholder dividend. another company on the front lines with consumers, grocery store safeway. shares shot up to an 18 month high, rallying 14.1%. volume jumped seven-fold thanks to a strong earnings report even as it faces competition from wal-mart and others. safeway earned $0.94 per share, a significant increase from last year, and well above wall street estimates. the store said sales continue to gain momentum, crediting ga
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 283 (some duplicates have been removed)